Rezawar Dawgz is a collaboration of talent, skill and originality. The core of this group is to enhance the hub of innovative Hip Hop and branch out to various fans. This clique is not just a bunch of entertainers, but artists with attitude, heart, vision and marketability. Rezawar Dawgz promise to bring something new to the rap game. You may ask yourself why “Rezawar Dawgz”? Well, first of all the movie “Reservoir Dogs”, obviously had some type of influence, including the fact that all the artists are Caucasian. Second of all, they model themselves after the slang idea of vicious dogs. Vicious meaning hungry, no-holds bar, and ready for any type of “dog” fight (any type of battle). Their style is a concoction of straight-up Bronx and quirky Boston Hip Hop. This mixture can be related to all people that appreciate lyrics, truth and great beats.

NiK Platinum, M1 and Mario C. Various artists join the trio enforcing Da Rezawar Dawgz click. The Rezawar camp has up and coming artists on the rise just waiting for their big break. They go by the names of Rae Trilogy (Hip Hop), J”MF”T (Hip-Hop/ Rock) and Mira Shanti (Alternative/ Indie).

* Nik Platinum: Popular quote: “My name is Nik and the name Platinum comes from the idea that I am a rare and unique element.” Born and raised in the Bronx where Hip Hop originated and was created. He has always inspired to be the first “Albanian and white” artist directly from the Bronx . His role models were and always will be Run DMC, LL Cool J, Eric B. and Rakim and the Beastie Boys. Back in the day's, he was one of the first break-dancers with the cardboard dance floor and everything. Just for fun he earned his ranks in the streets rhyming with no beats to help his flow take off. He became known as the only white boy that could really rhyme. His countless shows in the under ground rap industry has brought about confidence and resilient entertaining abilities. Later in his life he met up with people such as Mark Wahlberg and established a friendship, which eventually led to his companionship with Donnie C, a.k.a Murda One.

* Murda One: Donnie grew up in Dorchester, one of the toughest neighborhoods in Boston. Hanging out with the wrong crowd he hustled to make ends meet to provide for his daughter Stefanie. With the sudden celebrity status of his childhood friend; Mark Wahlberg, Donnie embarked on a long journey traveling with him to various parts of the world living a life he had never imagined possible. That was his first real taste of the rich life and that experience has driven him to emulate that lifestyle for himself. For over a decade he has proved his devotion to Mark from being a soldier in the days of “Marky Mark’s” group to being his personal assistant. However, since meeting with Nik Platinum his underlying passion for rapping has resurfaced and intensified. His style is unique due to the Boston accent, which will leave fans wanting more. HBO’s new hit original series “Entourage” has based the character “Turtle” on Murda One.

* Mario C: The overly talented producer and DJ of the Rezawar Dawgz, has created beats that are matchless and original. His perfectionism has brought about beats that tunes into all the senses. Being raised in the Bronx with experience in the DJ business has proven no competition for him to this day. Mario also was into graffiti (Tags) and break-dancing.

** Notes: All songs written by Nik Platinum and M1. Produced and engineered by Mario C. The demo CD was recorded in the basement of Da Rezawar Dawgz (straight-up raw talent). Equipment used:

  • MPC2000
  • Trinity keyboard
  • Cube-base program
  • two microphones (that's it)